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I've seen a few threads on this subject for several bikes.

A few years ago I picked up this 95 for fun and have since added an 05 Ultra. This year the Softail has sprung a leak. It's definitely on the back side of the inner primary, but I can't seem to locate it exactly. Even with the dye.

The oil collects on the plate over the shocks and drips through and down. It seems to collect on the ends of the 4 bolts that apparently secure that plate. There is no loss of tranny fluid

When I brought it in for storage in November I filled it level and lifted it on a jack. The bike has been level on the jack and not moved. It has leaked.

Many of the answers I've seen posted relate to seals, but if filled to the line and the bike not moved it would seem to me this level be below all seals. Ya think?

Seems to me the only way to find out for sure at this point is to take the puppy apart. How much of a chore is it to get everything off? The service manual instructions don't seem to be too bad.
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