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82 FXWG chopper
03 Road King Classic

First post. Restoring 82 FXRS. 2 owner bike. The gentleman i purchased it from has owned it for the past +30 years. Pic below is how the bike looked when i got it. It appears to be mostly original. In the deal i was given the original rear mag and rear fender the bike came with back in 1982 (the first owner at one point switched to a different rear fender and solid disc glide wheel on rear). The forward controls were aftermarket, as were the straight pipes, transmission side door, and derby & points covers. I will be going back to using mostly original parts, with the exception of some things like a better seat, rear shocks, and risers & handlebars, as well as stainless custom pipes (which i will fab up myself).


I started by pulling the engine and transmission. Complete split case teardown, refurb and upgrades... stroked/pistons, flywheel, cam, bearings, valves, S&S carb, the works. Went from an 80 to 88 cubic inch.



Some of the smaller upgrades i have made include the CCE spherical bearings in the rear swingarm, front motor mount, etc. I am doing all the media blasting and powdercoating myself, which i had never done before. I picked up a cheap sandblast cabinet, used oven, and powdercoat gun from Eastwood. Here is a pic of some of the restored small parts.


To restore the nuts & bolts, I used either a brass wire wheel (on my bench grinder) or vibratory tumbler with walnut shells (on the stainless stuff)... or bead blasted and then dipped in gun blue and sealer (for bolts that rust). This is how they came out:

Im currently working on reassembly. Everything takes way longer than I would have hoped. I still am sourcing a bunch of little things, and haven't even begun to think about paintwork on fenders and gas tank. Here is how it currently sits.


Thanks everyone for all the knowledge you have shared on this forum. It has been invaluable to me.


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