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Why not put a 18" wheel using an Avon 180x55x18 tire? I have a 01 Deuce and this will fit. Now you have more options for wheels. You can use a 18x5.5" rim. I haven't done this yet, however I have plans to do this. I went to Performance Machine, located in La Palma, Calif. to see the 01' Deuce setup using what I described, it looks great. Also, the front is a 21X3.5" rim, running a Avon 120x70x21 V280 tire.

I met with Frank there and saw this setup. They ordered a new fender for the front, made by: RWD in Temecula, CA. (909)698-9495/Russ), they had the fender painted to match the stock fender and it really looks great with the slightly wider front tire. According to Frank, the bike handles better with this setup. Have you ever experienced the front end feeling squirrely at high speeds??? If so, this will help to elimate it.

All of this is a "direct bolt-on", the only thing you need to do is slightly trim the lower belt guard (if you purchased a Harley chrome replacement guard).

Good Luck!!

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