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We are in the process of putting an S&S 124 Twin Cam motor into a 2000 Ultra FLH. We had a couple of batteries that were a little low, load test under 12 volts. We tried using different ones to get her to go. The motor was wanting to turn over, but not enough grunt.

At any rate, finally got her started and then no spark. It just went away.
We installed a new HD FLH batter this am, still no spark. 12 volts coming from coil, fuses are good, the meter detected no shorts, stock harness, we changed plugs, there is continuity in the spark wires.

There is a very slight arc when the negative terminal is reatttached.

We tried using several ignition modules, same PN as stock.

The only thing we did not change out was the crank position sensor.

It is my understanding that if it was a stator-rotor-volt pack problem the motr would start etc but the batter wouldn't charge. We are not even that far.

Any ideas?

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