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1200 conversion

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Gonna do it this winter, I may end up doing this one


they have some others as well

Torkster conversion

wish I had the $$$ to do this :DZIPPER'S 99" SPORTSTER® ENGINE KIT
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I'd like the 99ci but I don't think the price will like me.
Is there anyway you can tell if a 883 was converted by external means?I just bought a 1200 coversion and is there anyway short of pulling the head or anything being a real project. This is my first harley and It pulls alot better than my friends 883 with ported heads and cam.
the price for the super hammer is $2700 :( , for that kinda money I could buy the S&S Sportster® 89XLSS Hot Set-Up
Looks good

I checked the price and specks $3000.00 US almost 100hp and 80 some foot pounds of torque impressive!! At least thats what I got from the graph. MEAT
I wonder what a person would use for an intake manifold on the 99" kit?
Any Suggestions for best conversion?

I will be converting my 2002 883 to a 1200 this winter. I have heard the wisco 10:1 pistons are a good choice because of their low weight. I am interested in more mid range torque and keeping the vibs low. I see that there are new conversion (made to be used with 883 heads) SE pistons in the HD catalogue. Would these be a good choice?
I dont know much about harleys but a few have told me that if you use the 883 heads it will be cheaper but not better. I was also told the valves and the ports where smaller and didnt flow well and since the head was low CC the piston will have to be dished and it just doesnt flow good enough to be worth the time.

*******this is just what a few people have told me please dont flame**
I did my own 883-1200 useing weisco 9.5:1 pistons had stock holes punched. I ported the stock heads myself. Dyno jet & S/E A/C. Cost me 450 bucks including gaskets. Later on I upgraded the ingiton, another 120 bucks. So now 17,000 miles latter I had it on a Dyno for the frist time. 65 HP. Not bad for a hot & hummit night and a old school mech working out of his shed. Dont tell me stock 883 heads dont work. I can wheele the bike with the best of um.
I took the heads off my 94 883/1200 conversion and compared them to a friends who building a 96 1200 for nitrous and the factory heads are alot better than the 883 heads. I am oreding a set next week with single fire. I am not saying 883 heads dont work but I would get different or have them worked. I would bet a 883 would tell a big gain in a proper valve job and porting.
hey demon, can you get me in touch with the fella preparing his scoot for nitrous. Thanks
He told me just post use a wet kit and a msd rpm window switch. So you dont spray to through the red line or rev limiter if you spin or forget to shift. use forged pistons and reterd timing. Just what he told me.
In other words use the NOS/gas injector tapped into the top of the mainafold. A race ingition or programable one. The gas part need a electric fuel pump by the way. It takes alot of stuff to do it right.
Hey BigBen, I'm in Tracy also. Do you make the trip over the hill? Maybe We could hook up.
got the nos on

used the edelbrock kit for the dyna. ordered the cv 40 mm manifold. Its a plate system so theres no need to attach nozzles to the manifold. it includes a 4500 rpm early limit and my dyna 2000 is set to 7000 rpm ceiling. ( i will set this down to 6500 tonight). havent had it on the road yet. It was too wet out. But it dynod well at about 100lbs and 113 hp!

Yea, I work over the hill. But I take the bus. Maybe we could go for a ride on the weekend though.

Big Ben
I'm over by the hospital. Drop in if you get a chance. Just look for the bike in the pic!
Will Do Mybenroy.
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