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Some exhaust questions:
Anyone have experience with Von Braun exhausts? I'm looking to upgrade the exhaust cans on my 2009 FLHRC. Bike came with Rush 4" exhausts, HD Ventilator air cleaner and HD Street Tuner from dealer when I bought the bike. Engine is otherwise stock. I want to upgrade to a better exhaust. I'm going to remove the stock headers and will install S & S 2 into 2 headers (no catalyst). Still trying to decide on exhausts. Really interested in the 4" Von Braun Smoke Screens. I just don't know anything about them, other than the literature they sent me. Anyone care to add their comments? How do they compare to Rhinehart 4" exhausts?
Lastly, I'm looking to upgrade from the HD Street Tuner (limited tune ability). What works best? Power Commander V?
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