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06 Wide Glide slipons

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Can anyone recommend a decent set of slip-ons for an 06 WG. Looking for something with more rumble, but not excessive. Doesn't look like there are many options out there.

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Any Screamin Eagle slip-ons that fit 2005 models will fit your bike. I think the range was 1999-2005 but I am not sure. I bought a set off a 2004 dyna. Got them cheap. They sound pretty good. There are bunch of options out there if you don't limit your search to year model 2006.
'06 Dyna slip-ons

Thanks Jamie WG. Did you have to alter the ECM?
SteveB said:
Thanks Jamie WG. Did you have to alter the ECM?

Yes I did. There is some disagreement on this though - some people say they are running the stock ECM and slip-ons with no problem. I tried it and my bike was lean. I got the Stage I download and it ran perfect until I added the SE Air Cleaner... now it's lean again. Try the slip ons and see how it runs.. it won't hurt anything and you can always get the Stage I download. If you plan to add the SE AC, then you might want to skip the download and purchase a SERT.
I have the Santee slip ons on my 06 dwg. I like the sound and get alot of compliments. Not bad for >$100
I went with the SEII slip ons for my 06 dyna super glide. Runs and sounds great. Not too loud but a nice rumble. No ECM adjustment. Just slipped them on. 2500 miles on it no problems.

these are probably the best ones out there right now. IMHO

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