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Appreciate everyone's imput. I considered the fact that the verdict is not in on the 2006 heads and how they will perform. I am prepared to do the head work after I Break in the bike and do some dyno runs. So I wanted to do the other mods and then do the heads. I did not use SE pistons - bought a set of Forged 10.5 to 1 domed pistons from NRHS. I did use the SE Cylinders.
According to the specs on the 251 cam, it is a mid range high torque cam that should be run with high compression. It should perform better down low then the 258 s or at least it appears that way on paper

lift 579 / 579
duration 244 / 250

intake 18 BTDC / 46 ABDC
exhaust 56 BBDC / 14 ATDC

I realize the big radius pipes are not the best performace choice - picked them for there looks. When I get her on the road I'll let you know how the project turned out. I'm hoping that I will be pleasantly suprised.
Thanks again - Tom
why spend all that time and money to gain performance and then kill it with the wrong pipes?
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