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'06 Dyna PCIII Released

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Just got notice from a contact at DynoJet that they have released a PCIII for the new models with the O2 sensors:

We have been shipping this unit for a bit over a week. You can
purchase it here, http://www.powercommander.com/811-511.shtml.
I did a short review and it seems the kit completely disables the O2 sensors, which may just have been the coolest part of the new ECU units. I guess we'll have to wait till the SERT is updated for this support.

Still though, this is an important development for the new Dyna owners. If you want to break from the mold on the new units, this is the way to do it.
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maybe consider the zippers thundermax. it may not be listed yet, but john at zippers hooked me up with one two weeks ago for my 2006 dyna.
The reason their unit works is because it's an entire replacement.

I never saw the sense in replacing the entire unit. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the stock one if you know how to tune it. If you go with theirs, all you are doing is making yourself slave to a part with an even more narrow market. Try and find a good tuner for a Zippers unit somewhere outside of Maryland.

And that sending a map to you crap is about as useful as the PCIII only using the PCIII map is cheaper.
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