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I finally had a shot to mess with my SERT a little bit today. I put a TourMaster bag on the bike, hooked up the laptop, started the SERT's data mode and went for a ride. Rode about 20 minutes. When I got home, I realized that I hadn't been recording in "Engine with O2 Data" mode, so I fixed that and went for a second ride. I did steady throttle cruising and throttle roll-ons from several different speeds. Did a couple drag race style starts just for fun too.

I had planned to really study the data prior to making any map changes, but it clouded up and looked like rain. I did a quick playback and looked for any spark knock retard. I was very surprised to find none. The wind was picking up, so I decided to do a minor map modification and see how it worked.

On the '06 Dynas, you can just alter the mv settings for the O2 sensors in order to richen up your mixture. I open up the basic Stage I map (141NX001-A0.MT6) and went into the "Closed Loop Bias Table". I bumped up all the tables in the 70 and 80 kPa columns to 622. All other tables in the 1500 rpm - 3500 rpm ranges were bumped up two increments to a setting of 506. Saved the map with a new name and hooked the laptop back up to the bike.

I'd never uploaded a map before, so my fingers were crossed. Everything went smooth. I fired up the bike and headed out. I only got to ride it about 10 miles, but man what a difference. The bike pulled like it's never pulled before. This is how it's supposed to be!!! It's still not perfect and I think even more fuel might help, but I'm going to take it slow and do one change at a time. Got to wait on nice weather now, but I'm real happy with the SERT. This thing makes tuning a snap.

If you've been considering a SERT, then go for it. It's not difficult to use at all. There is an intimidation factor because of fear of the unknown, but once you get used to using it, you'll really like it.
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