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Need some help. 05 RK TC88 stock heads, no flash, S&S 510C cams, True Duals, 4.5" slip ons with loud baffles, High flow AC and Power Commander V
Bike ran great until I had the cams installed.

I let the dealer dyno tune it but they made it worse. Got the top end cleaned up real nice but need map figures for 2% and 5% throttle to clean up the bottom end. Tried many maps from Dynojet site and other combinations but results in some cases only slightly better. Running a bit rough at lower RPM when doing side streets. Plugs look real good. Rough off the line until the RPMs get up a little. I need a more accurate place to start.
Is the low end stumble a characteristic of these cams? Some say yes some say it needs more tuning. Not sure what to believe anymore. Anyone?
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