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02 Road King Tail Pipe Pitting

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Hello and let me buy a round for the house. Just curious if anyone else has noticed any pitting on their stock tail pipes? I have an 02 Road King Classic/injected (my first Harley), with 1400 miles, no engine mods and stock pipes (for now). I've noticed quite a bit of pitting running the entire length (more so on the inner sides and tops) of my stock tail pipes. Should I be worried about this, or is it the norm? I plan on installing new pipes and remapping etc. down the road, so I'm really not worried too much about the stock pipes but I wanted to make sure I don't have a problem.
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Davesnhere, If the bike's still under warranty I'd take it in and have them replace the pipes. If it's not, get some good chrome polish and work on them. If you plan on replacing them, don't worry too much about it.

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Sounds like crappy chrome to me. In that it is an 02 i will assume it is under warranty so hell yea, take em back! I know the stock mufflers are lousy but you paid for em.

Even when you change to the new mufflers, you should still keep the off units.
Same thing occurred on my 02 and I thought the same thing however, it was not pitting. It was stuff from the belt being thrown onto the hot pipes and muff. Chrome cleaner and a little rubbing took it off.
Brian, You hit the nail on the head! Upon closer inspection I found that if I scrape at the pitting it comes off!!! It is from the belt! Next time I'll look closer before I leap!
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