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  1. Installed new bars and battery fuse keeps blowing

    Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    I have a 2017 Road King FLHR. I’m currently installing new 16” apes. I soldered and extended the new wires, ran them through my handlebars. I plugged everything in and when I went to go turn the ignition switch on, the battery fuse keeps blowing. No power to the controls or speedometer garage. I...
  2. Theoretically, how would one diagnose flashers on an ‘02 FXDP?

    Police Motor Units
    I have heard this is all very illegal, but let’s say someone were to, theoretically, wish to make these lights flash again, how would one go about doing this? Everything in the fuse box appears to be in tact. Only one open slot where a small blade fuse would fit. Lights have bulbs in them...