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  1. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hey Forum members, lets see if i can bother you for a minute. quick background, 2013 Ultra, stock 103, just added high flow breather, S & S 551CE camchest kit complete, new headpipes, FP3 tuner, no issues at all on tear down or reassembly. if you need specific specs on build, i will be glad to...
  2. EFI Maps and Calibrations
    Hi , does anyone have a good thundermax map for a 95” zippers muscle kit ? Bike is a 2003 heritage softail, 180ccp, 5cc domed pistons , .577 red shift cams, stock TB. I can’t seem to find someone who tunes near Southern Md.
  3. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hello all my knowledgeable fiends! I got a really good deal on a 96 ci Twin Cam W/ 6 speed trans out of a wrecked 2008 Dyna. I had been contemplating redoing my bike again. Last winter i added a fairing and repainted all the tins. My bike is a 1988 FLHS electra glide sport. I am wanting to see...
  4. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    Ok guys and gals. I waited six months and rigged up a few different contraptions none of which I was a fan of to be able to see my oil pressure as I ride. I finally received my in fairing oil pressure gauge and hooked it up exactly as the guys at stealership instructed. This is a older 06...
  5. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hi everybody. Been following the forum for a little while now and have gained a great deal of knowledge thanks to you all. Im looking for a little advice. I have a 05 Fatboy 13k on the clock that was blowing a bit of smoke out of the front cylinder. And at times the top end was sounding like a...
  6. Carb Discussion
    Hey guys, you know the saying, it ran like a bat outta hell until it sat in the garage for a year! I purchased a Custom Chopper a few years ago from a family member - (2003 SPECIAL on title, Missouri state assigned VIN) 99 modified fxd twin cam motor (unknown bore and stroke, no spec sheet or...
  7. Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    I’m assembling a 2008 road glide, and it was missing some parts. Found a good deal on speedo and tach my question is will that jive? All plugs look seem to be the same just wanted to be sure before I purchased.
  8. News Drafts
    Hello, my name is Randy and I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 1984 FXR for a good price. The bad thing is that the engine is shot; it's leaking oil basically everywhere, there is a lot of oil coming from the exhaust, it has a bad knock, there is a terrible noise from the clutch, and...
1-8 of 8 Results