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  1. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    Hi I’m brand new on here but I’m looking to do a cam swap on my 2008 ultra classic. I’m not looking to make big hp, just need more torque. I’m wondering what cams would be good for that? also what tuner would you go with? I won’t be building the engine beyond stage 2. Thanks!
  2. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hey Forum members, lets see if i can bother you for a minute. quick background, 2013 Ultra, stock 103, just added high flow breather, S & S 551CE camchest kit complete, new headpipes, FP3 tuner, no issues at all on tear down or reassembly. if you need specific specs on build, i will be glad to...
  3. EFI Maps and Calibrations
    Hi , does anyone have a good thundermax map for a 95” zippers muscle kit ? Bike is a 2003 heritage softail, 180ccp, 5cc domed pistons , .577 red shift cams, stock TB. I can’t seem to find someone who tunes near Southern Md.
  4. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hello all my knowledgeable fiends! I got a really good deal on a 96 ci Twin Cam W/ 6 speed trans out of a wrecked 2008 Dyna. I had been contemplating redoing my bike again. Last winter i added a fairing and repainted all the tins. My bike is a 1988 FLHS electra glide sport. I am wanting to see...
  5. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    Ok guys and gals. I waited six months and rigged up a few different contraptions none of which I was a fan of to be able to see my oil pressure as I ride. I finally received my in fairing oil pressure gauge and hooked it up exactly as the guys at stealership instructed. This is a older 06...
  6. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hi everybody. Been following the forum for a little while now and have gained a great deal of knowledge thanks to you all. Im looking for a little advice. I have a 05 Fatboy 13k on the clock that was blowing a bit of smoke out of the front cylinder. And at times the top end was sounding like a...
  7. Carb Discussion
    Hey guys, you know the saying, it ran like a bat outta hell until it sat in the garage for a year! I purchased a Custom Chopper a few years ago from a family member - (2003 SPECIAL on title, Missouri state assigned VIN) 99 modified fxd twin cam motor (unknown bore and stroke, no spec sheet or...
  8. Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    I’m assembling a 2008 road glide, and it was missing some parts. Found a good deal on speedo and tach my question is will that jive? All plugs look seem to be the same just wanted to be sure before I purchased.
  9. News Drafts
    Hello, my name is Randy and I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 1984 FXR for a good price. The bad thing is that the engine is shot; it's leaking oil basically everywhere, there is a lot of oil coming from the exhaust, it has a bad knock, there is a terrible noise from the clutch, and...
1-9 of 9 Results