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  1. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Softail
    A couple weeks ago I had my Harley shop install a Feuling 525 cam chest kit in my Heritage TC88. I rode it home 35 miles and didn't notice any discernible difference. A week later I took it for a ride and didn't get more than a few hundred feet when it started popping very hard and shooting...
  2. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Softail
    Hello, I have a 2001 Heritage Classic, TC88. I'm upgrading to the Screamin Eagle cam plate with hydraulic tensioners and S&S 509 chain drive cams. Do I need to upgrade the ignition module also? I already did the stage 1 upgrade with V&H big shots, super sucker air cleaner and carb rejet. thanks.
  3. Twin-Cam Engine
    There may be already a thread on this..my apologies if so. I currently have a tbr exhaust and an Arlen ness stage 1 air filter in my bike. The bike idles fine but once I pull off it backfires BAD and while spit out of the carb so often. I’m assuming I need to rejet it to accommodate. I’m looking...
  4. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    So I recently bought a 2002 dyna superglide. This is my first Harley and I only know the basics. So, I am looking to build my motor somewhat on a budget but want to do it correctly and want to bulletproof this motor. It has a measly 17k miles so I know it has a lot of life left but I want to...
1-4 of 4 Results