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  1. Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    Hi I am stumped I just replaced my stator and rotor because the bolt loosened and destroyed the magnet but after starting with all new parts I'm only get 4 volts from the stator does anyone have any idea why it's not building voltage still?
  2. Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    Hi! I'm new to initiating discussion on these forums, so I'm throwing this issue up on a few different places. Apologies if you run across it more than once. 1992 FLHTU - the voltage meter reads 11 volts at the fairing after having read 14 earlier in the day. The stator and voltage regulator...
  3. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    :eek:Ok guys I need some of your many years of knowledge here. I’ve been doing this build about a month now and starting to get wrapped up. Yesterday I changed the spacer and seal on the crankshaft and cleaned up the rotor. When I put everything back together first off if the compensator nut is...
1-3 of 3 Results