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  1. Carb Discussion
    I was wondering what carb good yet budget carb would work on a 1980 XLH1000 with the stock air cleaner? I currently have a knockoff Mikuni carb on it with a different air cleaner. It runs really well, but the carb is unsupported and puts a lot of stress on the intake seals & clamps. Thanks
  2. Harley Davidson Iron Head and Evolution Sportster
    1994 Sportster Noticed two things from my shifter. 1. Metal on metal rotating heavy squeak noise when lightly ( removing slack ) pressing down or lifting up on the shift pedal. 2. Shifter vibrated at least 1 inch travel when in neutral. Shifts gears just fine, just some very weird...
  3. General Harley Talk
    So I have a question I was wondering if a seat from a 2005 sportster would fit a 2012. Also have a guy with a badlands seat he says it’s for a sportster doesn’t know what year part number on seat is 077715 can’t find what years it will fit. Any help is appreciated
  4. Harley Davidson Iron Head and Evolution Sportster
    My blinkers just stopped working, I know it’s not a problem with the bulbs or switches because all 4 of them shut off at the same time. Does anyone have any advice as to what it might be?
  5. Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    Have owned this 07 Sportster for a few months now. Great bike overall, but I'm running into issues with my lights. First headlight went out, but I still had running and brake lights. Easy fuse fix to get the headlight running, but now I don't have running or brake lights. New to Harley's so any...
  6. Harley Davidson Iron Head and Evolution Sportster
    Hello! Just about finished changing tires and don’t know torque specs for front or rear wheel axles. If anybody has and can shoot em my way I’d be forever grateful!
  7. Harley Davidson Iron Head and Evolution Sportster
    Hello everyone this is my first post on a forum so I’m not sure if I’m posting this in the right spot but I need help. I’ve been struggling with an issue on my 2014 iron 883 for almost a year now and I can’t figure it out. The bike has a stage 1 on it and about 4000miles. It runs perfect when...
  8. My Story, the Beginning...
    Old guy: Been riding sense I was 12. (50+ years) Live in the Willamette Valley near Eugene. Been a Real Estate broker for over 20 years. Like to ride and work on my projects when I am not working or taking care of Honey Do's. Currently working on a 79 FXS: Very Original bike that sat for 25...
  9. Harley Davidson Iron Head and Evolution Sportster
    Hey guys. I noticed today an oil leak on the side of the jug. Wondering if this is possibly from the rocker box? Maybe head gasket? Going to clean it with degreaser after work
  10. XR 1200 racing in Italy.

    Sorry, English owner, your picture ...
1-20 of 36 Results