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  1. 2003 Fatboy

    2003 Fatboy

    Traveled many roads in Indiana.
  2. Vin was helping with my build.

    Vin was helping with my build.

    Too bad he's gone. Mikey's no help.
  3. dunno


    Just messin' with Photoslop
  4. Living room mock up

    Living room mock up

    Getting the parts together.
  5. flame


    My '06 Nightrain currently under revision.
  6. flame


    my '06 Nightrain currently under revision.
  7. That's a Night Train !

    That's a Night Train !

    Yes, this started off as a Night Train.
  8. 88 Softail

    88 Softail

    Bike with larger tank and new fenders, new paint job, added saddlebags and a mustang seat.