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  1. Harley-Davidson FXR
    any ideas would be helpful. I have a 1982 fxr shovelhead 1340. She wants to start when I bought her. Compression is 120 both cylinders. New battery, new starter, new 5ohm coil, new electronic ignition. She has good spark. Carb is super e. I can get her to pop from the carburetor. Tried with...
  2. Transmission and Primary
    I am looking for the narrowest Transmission + Clutch + Primary possible. I want to customise 1967 early shovelhead with 4 speed gearbox. At the moment it has 3 inch belt, 3 stud clutch and Tech cycles 4 speed isolator series electric start kit. But it is very wide and now I want to make it...
  3. Pre-Evolution Engines
    I have 74' shovelhead, and am trying to remove the sparkplugs.. Easy job for sure, on one side. The other side the pushrods are in the way. Looked everywhere online to know if I have to remove them or if there's an easy way around it.
  4. Harley Davidson FL/FX 4 Speed and Pre 1990's
    Does anyone have a list of what I would need to make my stock wet clutch primary into an open dry one still running a chain (not going to belt). Also if anyone has any comp clutch kit recommendations, that would be much appreciated
  5. Harley-Davidson FXR
    Yesterday and today were good days to spend in the garage. Wife at work, and rain/drizzle all day. Now that the transmission is done, I'm going to start a restoration thread. I'm going to try to make it as original as I can, using as many original or OEM parts as practical. Maybe even get it...
  6. Harley-Davidson FXR
    There are tons of great options for FXR's after 84 with the Evo, and tons of options for choppers, fxe, fxb, etc... but I'll be damned if I can find anyone making any exhaust that fits an 82, FXRS with the shovel that isn't just drag pipes. I guess it make sense because that's a 2 year run, but...
  7. Harley Davidson FL/FX 4 Speed and Pre 1990's
    WTB: Looking for a FXS Lowrider or FXE Superglide seat harley part # 52025-75A - VINYL HI-LOW SEAT. PM me if you have one for sale
  8. For Sale
    One owner, 18k documented miles from new. Needs nothing. 2 thick documentation folders from the original purchase order. Located in Chicago IL.
  9. Harley Davidson FL/FX 4 Speed and Pre 1990's
    Hello all, I recently acquired a 1975 FLH and it has some oil leaks 2 of the rocker caps are leaking quite a bit even though they are tight, I have seals coming to replace them. Then there is a large leak which seems to be coming from the area around the starter solenoid (best way I can describe...
1-9 of 9 Results