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  1. Evolution Engine
    I am having an issue I have an Evo 1340 with s&s rocker boxes. I recently changed the gaskets and was happy to find no leaks my bike starts but seems like it reves really high and when I got on the throttle it looked to have blown fuel out the carb not a backfire but fuel???? It runs but is...
  2. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    Hey guys I am putting everything bavk together and when I spoke to Dave from interstate he said the heads turned out great. The only thing I may have to do is grind for the valves on lower rocker boxes. I believe he said mostly the intakes but I’ll have to confirm. He told me prior to assembly...
  3. Harley Davidson Iron Head and Evolution Sportster
    Hey guys. I noticed today an oil leak on the side of the jug. Wondering if this is possibly from the rocker box? Maybe head gasket? Going to clean it with degreaser after work
1-3 of 3 Results