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power commander maps

  1. Map Needed for Power Commander III

    EFI Maps and Calibrations
    Anyone know of a map for an '05 Screamin Eagle Electraglide 103, Rinehart true duals, Screamin Eagle air filter, and Stage 1 ECM? Using a Power Commander III USB
  2. 01 ultra classic mapp needed and advice

    V-Twin Forum News
    I have a 01 ultra classic and a power Commander 3 USB. The bike has birdcatcher style air filter ,and is running hot. Looking for a map to try ,or helpful advice. Thankyou I'm very much appreciated
  3. Power Commander III Map

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Hello, I'm new to the forum, i just recently installed a 97" big bore on my 05 Electra glide with Screaming Eagle 203 cams and was wondering if anyone out there has something similar and has a better map for this than the map provided by Dynojet? The map is close but, a couple inches off on the...