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  1. How loud can lifters actually be? What else can it be.

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    I just finished installing new 98” big bore kit and rebuilt and replaced every single component in this engine other then flywheel. New oil pump, cam plate, throttle body, exhaust, Trinny, clutch, compensator, I mean everything. I switched cams to the woods tw-8g cams. Gear drive. S&s pushrods...
  2. Big Bore Upgrade few questions about rocker box grind

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Hey guys I am putting everything bavk together and when I spoke to Dave from interstate he said the heads turned out great. The only thing I may have to do is grind for the valves on lower rocker boxes. I believe he said mostly the intakes but I’ll have to confirm. He told me prior to assembly...
  3. Fact based opinions on hydraulic lifters

    Twin-Cam Engine
    This is a call out to either "professional" techs or "hobbyist" techs that have a lot of experience with valvetrains. I am a dealer trained and employed tech for 25 years. Unfortunately, most dealerships drink the MoCo koolaid and resist deviation from the SE catalog when it comes to performance...