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  1. Say Hello to my little friend...

    My husband's old Bourget & our AR-15. Yes, I know how to use it....
  2. Wedding Photo with bikes

    Taken before our reception on Hilton Head Island, April 23, 2005. No, that's not our SUV in the background...
  3. Ridin' a Gator!!!

    (See related post in "Off Topic Discussions). Buddies of mine from the "critter gitter" outfit on the island caught these guys bumping kayaks. I got to do some gator' wrangling after a pool party on the 4th of July. Yippee Kay Ay!!! (Check out their pet raccoon in the background)
  4. Two Bottoms Up!!

    I'm so talented I can drink out of 2 beer bottles at once... (Hey - I was thirsty and I'm a big girl!!)
  5. Boot-Bottom's UP!!

    I was in a little local bar in a little local town, and they actually served their draft beer in little BOOT mugs! Priceless!!
1-5 of 5 Results