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  1. Evolution Engine
    Hey I've recently bought a 97 ultra classic with 65k on it from looking around I've seen the lifters should be changed every 30-40k, I'm gonna do the work myself but what lifters would yall recommend? Also thinking of putting a cam in sometime soon.
  2. General Harley Talk
    So I have a question I was wondering if a seat from a 2005 sportster would fit a 2012. Also have a guy with a badlands seat he says it’s for a sportster doesn’t know what year part number on seat is 077715 can’t find what years it will fit. Any help is appreciated
  3. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    I've got an 02 EG UC, was headed home from work last night, the engine cut out a time or two, the check engine light came on and then cut off entirely. Dash, headlight, everything went dark. Pulled over to the side, and turned the switch off. Checked to make sure my battery cables and everything...
  4. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    My block got a crack was looking purchase a replacement evo but need to know is there any big year differences I should be worried about?
1-4 of 5 Results