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  1. Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    Have owned this 07 Sportster for a few months now. Great bike overall, but I'm running into issues with my lights. First headlight went out, but I still had running and brake lights. Easy fuse fix to get the headlight running, but now I don't have running or brake lights. New to Harley's so any...
  2. My Ride

    My Ride

  3. rons Bike

    rons Bike

    97 fatboy
  4. the other side...

    the other side...

    same bike from the other side.
  5. 140-70-18 front tire w/new fender

    140-70-18 front tire w/new fender

    2005 Fatboy with 140-70-18 front tire... I like it.
  6. 2005 Fatboy

    2005 Fatboy

    Stock 88ci - Python Staggered Duals 18" Wheels, Corbin solo seat, 16" apes.
  7. My 1200 Sporty

    My 1200 Sporty

    Here is a pic of my 1200 Sporty. Hope to have a long love affair with this one.
  8. Vintage