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  1. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    Bike died on the highway, the lights working, all power to everything. However… I’m not getting spark at the plugs. Bike will turn over, but will not start. I have so far replaced: spark plugs/wires, coil, starter relay, and the crank shaft sensor. I am getting error codes on my thundermax of...
  2. Milwaukee Eight Engine
    I just recently had a arleness monster sucker and bosani sweeper exhaust installed on my 2020 Softail slim and had it retuned if I pull the baffles out of the sweepers do I need to retune again or will I be okay?
  3. Evolution Engine
    Wanting a stop light to stop light bruiser with an occasional 250 mile "NON-AGGRESSIVE" ride. I've looked into the Truitt & Osborn monster torque crank, wood performance cam, now I'm needing suggestions on cylinders, heads, ignition system and pipes for a fairly reliable 135 HP & 135 TQ motor...
  4. Harley-Davidson FXR
    Hello all I'm new to this forum, I've got an 87 fxlr that won't start I've checked coil pack and wires changed them out for new ones since old ones gave me half ohm off on readings, now still no nothing no spark getting to plugs the coil seems to be getting some juice but not to plugs the only...
  5. Can I polish your bike?

    Can I polish your bike?
  6. Why HD is so popular

    Why Harley Davidson is so popular
  7. That's a Night Train !

    Yes, this started off as a Night Train.
1-13 of 13 Results