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  1. 1992 Fxrs rear exhaust valve push rod loose

    Harley-Davidson FXR
    Hows it going, so I bought this bike back in December with 45,000 miles on it I was able to get a few thousand miles in this season before I starting getting a rattling noise. Checked the push rod tubes with a stethoscope and narrowed down the noise to the rear exhaust push rod, just took the...
  2. Rolland Sands FXR Seat

    For Sale
    $270 plus shipping Almost NEW, rode on it less than 10 hours. I paid $390+.... may possibly take a good condition 2 piece seat as partial payment.... I already have a latch and hinge. email or text me for more images 970 420-0052
  3. 93 FXRS-SP

    93 FXRS-SP