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  1. FXR, Twin Cam or Evo

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    Hello, my name is Randy and I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 1984 FXR for a good price. The bad thing is that the engine is shot; it's leaking oil basically everywhere, there is a lot of oil coming from the exhaust, it has a bad knock, there is a terrible noise from the clutch, and...
  2. Gary 1992 FXR

    Gary 1992 FXR

    My 1992 FXR All body work and Paint done by Joe Martin of Martin Bros. Duncanville, TX in 1992. Has been bored, stroked and ported and polished to 96 CI. S&S E Carb, Andrews cam, Thunder Header, Crane Cams adjustable push rods, Crane Cams Hi-4 single fire race series ignition, Crane Cams HV Coi
  3. My 87 FXR

    My 87 FXR

  4. FRR_BD_LR


  5. Larry's 1986 FXRS

    Larry's 1986 FXRS

  6. FXR rules

    FXR rules

    My racing FXR and yes it's a Harley :-)