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  1. Evolution Engine
    Hey guys I have an evolution 1340 in my fatboy with 14K original miles on it. I am ready to add some more power to it after a stage one carb rejet, intake and V&H exhaust, as well as an ultima single fire ignition upgrade. I am going to go big on this one, and add 10.5:1 pistons, ported heads...
  2. 2003 Fatboy

    2003 Fatboy

    Traveled many roads in Indiana.
  3. My 02 Fatboy

    My 02 Fatboy

    My first HD. 2002 Fatboy
  4. Fatboy project 1

    Fatboy project 1

  5. fatboy


    96 fatboy 46,000 miles
  6. 2002 Fatboy

    2002 Fatboy

    Comfort Zone
  7. 2002 Fatboy

    2002 Fatboy

    My new ride
  8. rons Bike

    rons Bike

    97 fatboy
  9. What a ride

    What a ride

    Nacimento/Furgeson Road is bike friendly but watch for the leaves and wildlife on the roadway and you WILL need lic/reg/ins to get past the security guards to enter the military reserve and make sure you have plenty of gas to go from one end to the other.
  10. Friends


    Mostly stock but add ons will be coming.
  11. the other side...

    the other side...

    same bike from the other side.
  12. 140-70-18 front tire w/new fender

    140-70-18 front tire w/new fender

    2005 Fatboy with 140-70-18 front tire... I like it.
  13. Finally Living my dream

    Finally Living my dream

    Blue Leather Suede, 2007 Fatboy, Corbin seat, lay down license plate frame, bullet style turn signals with visor type covers, other upgrades coming soon.
  14. 2005 Fatboy

    2005 Fatboy

    Stock 88ci - Python Staggered Duals 18" Wheels, Corbin solo seat, 16" apes.
  15. lowered


  16. Cool F04 fatty

    Cool F04 fatty

    Vance & Hines Big Radius Pipes
  17. new mods 2/22/04

    new mods 2/22/04

    Fatboy after BBkit, heads, Propipe, etc.
  18. 04 fatboy

    04 fatboy

    My 04 Fatboy
  19. Zman's Fatboy

    Zman's Fatboy

    Dave the Zman's Fatboy, Painted by Dave, S&S heads and Carb., 2 into 1 exhaust. Dave lives in Aberdeen, SD.