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  1. Exhaust
    Hi, first time poster, thank you for any suggestions... I was given a set of (4) chrome, bike performance exhaust pipes by someone who's father used to do custom exhaust but since passed on, RIP. The problem is identifying what bike(s) these pipes would fit up to if to offer them to someone...
  2. Milwaukee Eight Engine
    I just recently had a arleness monster sucker and bosani sweeper exhaust installed on my 2020 Softail slim and had it retuned if I pull the baffles out of the sweepers do I need to retune again or will I be okay?
  3. Milwaukee Eight Engine
    I've searched and just gone through the Exhaust and M8 forums and just haven't found consistent answers. My '17 Road King sounds more like a Subaru than a Harley. My last bike had an S&S 117 (evo) with V&H Big Radius pipes - it was LOUD and it sounded great. I know M8s are different, but that's...
  4. Harley-Davidson FXR
    There are tons of great options for FXR's after 84 with the Evo, and tons of options for choppers, fxe, fxb, etc... but I'll be damned if I can find anyone making any exhaust that fits an 82, FXRS with the shovel that isn't just drag pipes. I guess it make sense because that's a 2 year run, but...
  5. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Softail
    Hello all, I hope I’m doing this right never been on a forum before. I have an 98’ FXSTC with S/E pipes, S&S carb/cleaner. I’m wanting to put on V&H Straight Shot slip-ons. I’ve not seen much info. I built a bracket to install them. What thoughts or concerns would y’all have?
  6. General Harley Talk
    Hello everyone I'm new to V-Twin and apologize if this questions been answered as I've looked a lot. I have on 04 RoadKing Classic and the exhaust broke where they come together at the rear jug. My question is.. should I replace it with the same exhaust.. or would it be beneficial to run true...
  7. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hey dudes. I just made my account. I have a 16 dyna. Run SS 585 Cams, big sucker, and TBR 2 into 1. I need a new pipe. I want more power than the TBR gives me. I'm disappointed in the pipe. I'm interested in Fab28, thrashin, pipes in that genre. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice...
1-7 of 7 Results