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  1. 98 w Straight shot slip on Q’s

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    Hello all, I hope I’m doing this right never been on a forum before. I have an 98’ FXSTC with S/E pipes, S&S carb/cleaner. I’m wanting to put on V&H Straight Shot slip-ons. I’ve not seen much info. I built a bracket to install them. What thoughts or concerns would y’all have?
  2. Broken 2 into 1 into 2 exhaust

    General Harley Talk
    Hello everyone I'm new to V-Twin and apologize if this questions been answered as I've looked a lot. I have on 04 RoadKing Classic and the exhaust broke where they come together at the rear jug. My question is.. should I replace it with the same exhaust.. or would it be beneficial to run true...
  3. 16 Dyna most powerful 2 into 1?

    Twin-Cam Engine
    Hey dudes. I just made my account. I have a 16 dyna. Run SS 585 Cams, big sucker, and TBR 2 into 1. I need a new pipe. I want more power than the TBR gives me. I'm disappointed in the pipe. I'm interested in Fab28, thrashin, pipes in that genre. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice...