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  1. Evolution Engine
    I've just recently picked up a 82 fxr. This bike is by no means stock as is expected with a 40 year old bike lol ... I'm trying to get more information on the motor and drivetrain. I do know it has a 80' Evo with edlebrock heads, intake, and carb. Maybe somebody smarter than me can tell me...
  2. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hello all my knowledgeable fiends! I got a really good deal on a 96 ci Twin Cam W/ 6 speed trans out of a wrecked 2008 Dyna. I had been contemplating redoing my bike again. Last winter i added a fairing and repainted all the tins. My bike is a 1988 FLHS electra glide sport. I am wanting to see...
  3. Evolution Engine
    Wanting a stop light to stop light bruiser with an occasional 250 mile "NON-AGGRESSIVE" ride. I've looked into the Truitt & Osborn monster torque crank, wood performance cam, now I'm needing suggestions on cylinders, heads, ignition system and pipes for a fairly reliable 135 HP & 135 TQ motor...
  4. Evolution Engine
    I built a bike in the 90's with an Evo engine. It needs a new oil pump and carb. The dealer can't identify the year of the engine by the 10 digit serial number because it isn't the same as the 17 digit VIN. Any idea how I can determine what year it is or does it matter? Closer as I can tell, the...
  5. Evolution Engine
    Hey guys I have an evolution 1340 in my fatboy with 14K original miles on it. I am ready to add some more power to it after a stage one carb rejet, intake and V&H exhaust, as well as an ultima single fire ignition upgrade. I am going to go big on this one, and add 10.5:1 pistons, ported heads...
  6. Harley-Davidson FXR
    Hows it going, so I bought this bike back in December with 45,000 miles on it I was able to get a few thousand miles in this season before I starting getting a rattling noise. Checked the push rod tubes with a stethoscope and narrowed down the noise to the rear exhaust push rod, just took the...
  7. Evolution Engine
    In doing a top end rebuild, I nicked my base gasket surface. Any advice on repairing this before I slap it all back together? My dad suggested sand paper of varying grits with a sanding block. I am nervous to ruin the sealing surface and need machining work done.
  8. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    My block got a crack was looking purchase a replacement evo but need to know is there any big year differences I should be worried about?
  9. News Drafts
    Hello, my name is Randy and I'm new to the forum. I just purchased a 1984 FXR for a good price. The bad thing is that the engine is shot; it's leaking oil basically everywhere, there is a lot of oil coming from the exhaust, it has a bad knock, there is a terrible noise from the clutch, and...
  10. L-A Street Bobber

    My friend owns a custom bike store and this was our 1:st creation. An evo springer in sheep clothes, A tuned engine with lots of power and light weight bike... Very easy to handle. Please comment
1-11 of 11 Results