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  1. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    Not sure if there’s a post on here about this, couldn’t find any possible answers. I have a 2016 dyna and have been experiencing sputtering in 3rd gear. I have a screaming eagle front facing air Intake, custom 2 in 1 race pipe. Have replaced plugs as step one. I feel it could possibly need a...
  2. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    Hey guys, I’m looking to add floorboards to my forward controls on my 1999 FXDWG. I’ve spent hours looking and can’t find a decent option. I’m looking for some kind of adapter so any kind of good aftermarket floorboard or genuine Harley ones can mount on my stock controls. What I’m picturing in...
  3. Twin-Cam Engine
    There may be already a thread on this..my apologies if so. I currently have a tbr exhaust and an Arlen ness stage 1 air filter in my bike. The bike idles fine but once I pull off it backfires BAD and while spit out of the carb so often. I’m assuming I need to rejet it to accommodate. I’m looking...
  4. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    Hey guys, have a fxd 2008. I tear down the bike for customize, paint the drive train, change bearings, cam shoes, anyway. Put all back together, then the tank connection got a leak, order the hole package, intake manifold hose, tank easyconection, fuel filters. Put back on the back, she started...
  5. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    Sup guys I’ve got a 2000 dyna fxd superglide and I’ve got a guy who has a upper and lower chrome belt guard from a 2000 dyna wide glide for sale my question is will the wide glide upper and lower belt guard fit on my superglide not sure but I thought the most of the differences between the two...
  6. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    So I recently bought a 2002 dyna superglide. This is my first Harley and I only know the basics. So, I am looking to build my motor somewhat on a budget but want to do it correctly and want to bulletproof this motor. It has a measly 17k miles so I know it has a lot of life left but I want to...
  7. Carb Discussion
    Hey guys, you know the saying, it ran like a bat outta hell until it sat in the garage for a year! I purchased a Custom Chopper a few years ago from a family member - (2003 SPECIAL on title, Missouri state assigned VIN) 99 modified fxd twin cam motor (unknown bore and stroke, no spec sheet or...
  8. Twin-Cam Engine
    Hey dudes. I just made my account. I have a 16 dyna. Run SS 585 Cams, big sucker, and TBR 2 into 1. I need a new pipe. I want more power than the TBR gives me. I'm disappointed in the pipe. I'm interested in Fab28, thrashin, pipes in that genre. Wondering if anyone has experience or advice...
  9. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    My block got a crack was looking purchase a replacement evo but need to know is there any big year differences I should be worried about?
  10. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    First off, I'm new to the Harley world and forums as well. I recently bought an 05 Dyna Wide Glide from the dealership and now that I have some miles under my belt, wanted to get some recommendations for upgrading handlebars. Since I'm a larger guy (6' 3" 240 lbs), I am looking for something...
  11. Twin-Cam Engine
    How’s it going! I’ve been browsing around and read another post similar except just one detail off. Might be the same issue but wasn’t too sure. I recently replaced the stator in my 2015 FXDB and it all came together nicely. However now after slapping it all back together there’s this knock ONLY...
  12. Twin-Cam Engine
    I am having a continues issue with the TPS on my bike. About a year ago my OEM TPS went bad it seemed as the spring inside was damaged or broken. I replaced it with an aftermarket part, several months later it went bad again in the same way, I chopped it up as a bad part and went and bought a HD...
  13. Gary 1992 FXR

    My 1992 FXR All body work and Paint done by Joe Martin of Martin Bros. Duncanville, TX in 1992. Has been bored, stroked and ported and polished to 96 CI. S&S E Carb, Andrews cam, Thunder Header, Crane Cams adjustable push rods, Crane Cams Hi-4 single fire race series ignition, Crane Cams HV Coi
  14. 2000 Dyna

    My 2000 Dyna as of 2006.
  15. My New Ride

    2001 Dyna Super Sport. it's new to me. I upgraded from a 2001 Honda Shadow Spirit 750
  16. SE Dyna 1

  17. 5

    2004 Low Rider
  18. 4

    2004 Low Rider
  19. 3

    2004 Low Rider
  20. 2

    2004 Low Rider
1-20 of 21 Results