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  1. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Softail
    If you have replaced your compensator on your Twin Cam 88, which one did you use and what do you think of it now that it's in your engine? It would be great if you included what other modifications your engine has and how many miles you have put on the new compensator. And yes i am also...
  2. Twin-Cam Engine
    I'm looking to replace my compensator soon and from what I understand I'll need to replace the rotor as well because of the design. Can I just remove the spring pack from the rotor by grinding it off? I haven't opened it up yet just getting ready. Anyone have thoughts on this? Thanks,
  3. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    2010 Street Glide, 25k miles. There is a whining noise coming from the primary ONLY when in neutral. Compensator looks good and is torqued to spec. BDL extra plate clutch and 10% over spring only has about 6k miles on it. I’m planning on replacing the compensator bearing, basket bearing and...
  4. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Softail
    Thinking of changing motor compensator gear. It has a stock 25 tooth and wondering if anyone has changed to an 24 or even 23 tooth sprockets for more tourqe? I do very little highway riding but want to cruse 75 mph without too high rpm. I understand Harley has changed thier bike to run at lower...
  5. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    How can you tell if your compensator Needs to be replaced? 2013 EG Ultra Classic, 20,000 miles Can you see something wrong from removing the primary Cover? I did look for current post on this matter but all I saw were Old, old post.
1-5 of 5 Results