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  1. Harley Davidson FL/FX 4 Speed and Pre 1990's
    Does anyone have a list of what I would need to make my stock wet clutch primary into an open dry one still running a chain (not going to belt). Also if anyone has any comp clutch kit recommendations, that would be much appreciated
  2. Transmission and Primary
    Ok, I was riding to a PGR function today. 40 miles with ocassional traffic stops, but mostly 55 MPH. Approaching the last traffic light, I down shift as normal and then all of a sudden, my clutch lever is stuck and cannot disengage the clutch. I cannot pull the clutch lever, at all. Power down...
  3. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    I have just recently installed Barnett’s scorpion clutch and rebuilt my tranny on 06 Electra glide. I also changed all seals and bearings throughout. New clutch cable from Barnett. I must also say Barnett has been nothing but amazing to work with. There’s a guy there named Joe and he has been...
  4. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Touring
    I just finished rebuilding the tranny and installed all new seals and bearings. Now there is lots of play in the tranny. I double and triple checked everything and it is all installed back as I removed. No left over parts either. Lol :eek: what is causing this? Is it normal?the ok the socket I...
1-4 of 4 Results