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  1. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    Ill start by saying im a typical dyna asshole. I ride like its my last day on earth. My chain tensioners went out, and now im looking to do a whole lot of work to the cam chest. What would you guys reccomend? I do a lot of highway riding here in florida, but also a lot of city. My Bikes been...
  2. Harley-Davidson Dyna
    I've got a used 09 FXDF I got off an older lad, all it has done that I can see is an unmarked short dual exhaust. I think it has a cam, it makes a ton of top end and definitely doesn't have any easy start. It idles almost normally but is definitely deeper and more rumbly. Any ideas what it might...
  3. C

    Harley-Davidson Dyna
    I put new cams in my bike and went to go change all three holes of oil when I went to go put oil in the engine I could only fit about 1 1/4 quart before the engine would overflow I found on other forums that if you remove the spark plugs pour a little bit of oil in the pushrod holes and then...
1-3 of 3 Results