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  1. Harley Davidson Evolution and Twin Cam Softail
    Hello, I have a 2001 Heritage Classic, TC88. I'm upgrading to the Screamin Eagle cam plate with hydraulic tensioners and S&S 509 chain drive cams. Do I need to upgrade the ignition module also? I already did the stage 1 upgrade with V&H big shots, super sucker air cleaner and carb rejet. thanks.
  2. Twin-Cam Engine
    I have an 03 Ultra with a TC 88. The cam plate had already been swapped for a Screaming Eagle when I bought it. I'm doing a rebuild and the tensioner shoes need to be replaced (they have decent grooves). Question is: do I need to replace the whole tensioners (incl. metal part) or can I...
  3. Twin-Cam Engine
    Just got done with the dreaded cam tensioner replacement. Put it all back together and Wow I got lots of noise and idle is a bit high.. just don't sound right at all. I made sure all timing dots were lined up just like my service manual said.. relatively easy job but horrible outcome.. any ideas?
1-3 of 3 Results