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big bore kit
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  1. Harley-Davidson Touring
    Hey guys I’m doing a very budge5 build for my brother here and I had a extra set of big bore pistons we had never run. I’ll get all the exact measurements and etc. for you in my next post. I just wanted to get this up while still aggravate. Ok so first of all I have not yet measured, put in my...
  2. Harley-Davidson Touring
    Ok guys so I’ve done the big bore kit on my 88” twin cam and installed new S&S crank boosting it up to 107“ . Runs like bat out of hell too. We ported the heads, new big bore kit, new S&S camplate and oil pump, and pushrods, fueling race lifters, T-Mann 590G gear drive cam. (starte$ with woods...
  3. Harley-Davidson Touring
    Hey guys I am putting everything bavk together and when I spoke to Dave from interstate he said the heads turned out great. The only thing I may have to do is grind for the valves on lower rocker boxes. I believe he said mostly the intakes but I’ll have to confirm. He told me prior to assembly...
1-3 of 3 Results