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  1. bag removal

    Bag removal is a little difficult. I have screaming eagle slip ons with a stock exhaust. That puts the bag up pretty high and makes it difficult to get the hand in to unlock the bags. It's impossible if the key is on a ring.
  2. American eagle bags

    I was warned about a few things from american eagle. Turn signal relocation was recommended. You have to take the strut off anyway so you're halfway there. I didn't listen and you can see how far back on the bag the brackets are. The brown leather can't be silicon tanned like the black leather.
  3. My neighbor at the end of the project

    His inseam is almost the same as mine. I'm 5'10 and a bit, but only have a 31" inseam. The pegs look and feel comfortable when sitting on the stand, but on the road they feel a little too far out there. I'm most comfortable riding with my boot heels resting on the pegs. Maybe this winter I'll m
  4. Finished left side

    Compare the accutronix elite shifter peg to the waffle brake pedal in the right side view. This level of customization is what I was looking for.
  5. Finished right side

    The right side with the changes made, Accutronix forward controls, seat by Danny Gray, bags by American Eagle leatherworks held on by Easy Brackets. Clearance between the bags and the pipes was set by using a 3/4" thick board and resting the lip of the bag against the board. The lip is approxi
1-5 of 5 Results