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  1. Stupid Questions

    Off Topic Discussion
    All the while I was told that there was no stupid question.That has been proven wrong.
  2. SE heavy breather elite performance A/F rattle driving me nuts!

    Twin-Cam Engine
    Welcome to the forum.There are many that come here looking for answers to their bike's problems with a first post.Sometimes your problems are fixed with replies and sometimes not.You usually have more luck if you have been here for a while,but not always.An introduction post in the appropriate...
  3. Imiproving Ultima 6-Speed buildier's kit for reliability

    Transmission and Primary
    Paying attention to the details is what makes all the difference when it comes to successful results.Whether you do it all the time as a profession or for yourself,the end result is what proves your competence and skills.Thanks for keeping us posted.
  4. Amsoil vs Lucas

    V-Twin Forum News
    Most replies in oil threads seem to be either conjecture or criticism.In the big scheme of things it probably doesn't matter which oil you use.Good luck!
  5. Inverted forks like or dislike

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    Good post Ed.
  6. Conrad Knock?

    V-Twin Forum News
    Connecting Rod Knock Maybe,maybe not the problem.Beware.
  7. Clutch stays engaged

    Harley-Davidson FXR
    I would disassemble the clutch, clean the steel and friction plates, then check for overheating and warpage of the plates.Then go from there.
  8. After market Tensioners

    Twin-Cam Engine
    Yes. Cheap insurance. Red Loctite only on the sprocket bolts.
  9. Ultima gone to all 3 piece cranks?

    Evolution Engine
    The most important thing with a three piece crank that is manufactured properly is to not introduce sudden and large stresses to them.The largest of which is locking up the rear brake with the clutch engaged.Lots of reciprocating mass concentrated on one pin between the flywheels. I believe that...
  10. Wasted Spark Ignition Problem

    Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    Not sure, but maybe they are 2 separate coils in one coil body . You could always get a service manual. Good luck!
  11. Wasted Spark Ignition Problem

    Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    I'm not sure I understand the coil and wire arrangement you described......Japanese 4 cylinders (Kawasaki) typically use one coil to fire cylinders 1 and 4 and the other fires cylinders 2 and 3. One cylinder on the same coil is on the compression stroke the other cylinder is on the exhaust stroke.
  12. fuel injection package

    For Sale
    10 year old thread.
  13. NGK Iridium Spark Plugs

    Twin-Cam Engine
    AMEN Brother! :sneaky:
  14. Wierd problem with 2006 street glide

    Twin-Cam Engine
    Yes.It's most likely lean.In the proper hands, the sooner you get a dyne tune the better.
  15. 113 Ultima making lifter or pushrod noise

    Evolution Engine
    Looks like you may have a small crack at the bottom also.Considering the case damage and mixed lifter brands the engine has a very sketchy past.It appears to me that the previous owner had it patched up and unloaded it before they had more troubles from it.
  16. Front cylinder running lean on my 2000 S&S 113

    Choppers and Customs
    Yes,as tall terry said in his previous post. A rich condition can lead to unburnt fuel in the pipe where it can continue to burn, heating up the pipe, and causing blueing.
  17. alert never use dragonman

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Sorry to read of your troubles. The best place to start a thread concerning your bad shop experience is at this link....Dealership/Shop Experiences/Online Retailers This is the place to introduce yourself to the people here. You are welcome to edit your introduction if you so choose.
  18. Front cylinder running lean on my 2000 S&S 113

    Choppers and Customs
    If you have the sparkplugs labeled correctly, your front is running richer than the rear.
  19. 113 Ultima making lifter or pushrod noise

    Evolution Engine
    Trash the lifters since they have been riding on that cam and you have a possible lifter bleed down problem anyway.I would flush the oil tank before putting it back together.
  20. 113 Ultima making lifter or pushrod noise

    Evolution Engine
    I would recommend that you remove and inspect the lifters and since they are out just go ahead and replace them.Topline/Hylift Johnson or S&S would be a good choice.
1-20 of 179 Results