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  1. electric wireing under the seat of my softail

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    I had to remove my oil tank on my softail and now I'm installing it back. I came across a few problems that I was able to work out. Bot now It seams that the plastic cover that sits behind the battery inside the oil tank that raps around the wiring will not install correctly. Does any one know...
  2. Is there a better opption for the rear drive belt type

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    I have a 2014 softail CVO deluxe with over 50000 and while I have the primary apart I am looking into replacing the rear drive belt, is there a better one that Harley has?
  3. upgrade charging system on 2014 CVO 110 softail.

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    I'm looking to upgrade my charging system on my softail FLSTNSE. I'm not sure if the model matters but there it is. I believed the Harley came with 32Amp. I have added extra lights, fan assisted oil cooler, air ride shock system, electric fan for the jugs, autometer gages, police flashing...
  4. oil gauges and fittings

    Twin-Cam Engine
    what pan? it has a oil tank under the sink. is there a place to screw in the temp sender?
  5. oil gauges and fittings

    Twin-Cam Engine
    still not sure where to mount my gauges
  6. oil gauges and fittings

    Twin-Cam Engine
    I am adding an oil pressure and oil temp gauge to my 2014 110 CVO softail. Should I tee off of the original oil pressure gauge? or somewhere else? Is there a special tee fitting for that or does any brass fitting work? Is there anything I should do to maintain the correct reading?
  7. oil temp and presure gauges

    Twin-Cam Engine
    does any one know if there is a gauge that reads both oil temp and pressure? something I cam mount in in a bracket like arlen ness has? not one that fits into the oil tank.
  8. oil not flowing back into the oil tank

    Engine Oils and Lubrication
    thanks for your replys yes the Harley digital dip stick that fits into the oil tank does read level and temp.
  9. oil not flowing back into the oil tank

    Engine Oils and Lubrication
    i think I found the problem I have a Harley Davison oil and temp gage replacing my OEM dip stick. Before I start a ride I check the oil level and it looks find. When I stop and the Harley is hot and it shows very low. So yester day checked it again after a ride. The digital gage showed very...
  10. oil not flowing back into the oil tank

    Engine Oils and Lubrication
    I have a 2014 CVO softail and I have some issue's with the oil returning back to the oil tank. It seems to be more of a problem after the rocker box gaskets and breathers were replaced. when I stop the Harley and check the level it is on the very low side. I haft to wait about an hour for the...
  11. valve cover / rocker box leaking 110

    Harley-Davidson CVO
    leaking gaskets yes both cover and housing gaskets I believed were replaced. Its hard to tell if both gaskets are leaking again because of all the fresh oil and the Harley mechanic that did the job didn't clean all of the old oil off. I did give him all Jim gaskets to use but I believed he...
  12. replacing seat on my 2014 cvo softail deluxe.

    Seats and Saddles
    Thanks for all your tips. I ordered Lepera after 40 emails and when it came in they would not fit. After talking with lepera it was decided that because of extra wiring under my seat there seat pan would not fit. Harley seat pan is a little concaved to allow for wiring, Lepera's is not.
  13. valve cover / rocker box leaking 110

    Harley-Davidson CVO
    retorque the same gaskets? I need to remove the exhaust and top cover to get to all the fasteners? I try that first,
  14. valve cover / rocker box leaking 110

    Harley-Davidson CVO
    I have had my rocker box gaskets breathers ex, replaced because of leakage at 35000 miles. A month latter there leaking again. I'm going to do the job my self this time. Before I start any advice on replacement of the gaskets so it won't leak again?
  15. 2014 CVO front brake disk

    Harley-Davidson CVO
    still looking for brake disk/rotors. Called harley and the only thing they have is original. because it is a cvo after market doesn't include it in there listings, does anyone know what will fit?
  16. 2014 monkey bars/ape hangers

    Harley-Davidson CVO
    I,m looking for recommendations on hi rise bars for my 2014 CVO softail deluxe? Brand, height ex? whats the most comfortable on the wrist?
  17. 2014 CVO front brake disk

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    Im looking to change my front brake disk because of wear. Is there a good upgrade from the original or should I keep with harley?
  18. Crash Bars

    Sheetmetal, Bodywork and Custom Painting
    Thanks but I did see that and I have heard that it does fit closer. I am 6'3" so the original one is already close for me. On the original there is a rubber foot pad mounted on the part that's drops down. I like the bar but I bent it and I need to replace it. I have read other comments about...
  19. Crash Bars

    Sheetmetal, Bodywork and Custom Painting
    I have been looking for a replacement mustang crash bar for my 2014 CVO softail deluxe. My original rubber foot supports worked well and never slipped. Is there a brand that the rubber foot support also never slips or do I need to stay with original?
  20. replaceing compensator in a 110

    Transmission and Primary
    I ride a 2014 CVO softail Deluxe. I going to replace my noising compensator. What parts/brand is the best to use for that Harley?
1-20 of 32 Results