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  1. Easyriders Rodeo, Chillicothe OH

    Off Topic Discussion
    No Pics???:confused:
  2. it's official

    Off Topic Discussion
    Another one wanting to say congrats to you!! Enjoy, I got 31 years in, but still 3 years to go age wise. But I still got hope!!! Get naked and ride!!!:clap::clap::clap::clap:
  3. Just Joined

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome to the forum. Congrats on the new bike! You can post pics of your ride all so:coffee:
  4. Removing clutch on Evo

    Transmission and Primary
    Before you tear into the bike any further, take the time to get the factory manual, or any one of the repair manuals on the market. It will be so much easier for you to do the work yourself. If you need certain tools, you can always rent from George.:coffee:
  5. Maybe someone can help?

    Harley-Davidson Sportster
    A fork bag should work for you.
  6. How to check old engine for lockup?

    General Harley Talk
    Pictures?? What pictures?? Post some pictures!!!:coffee:
  7. o6 standard oil leak

    Harley-Davidson Softail
    Try putting a dye in the tranny for starters. If after some riding it should show and then you will know what to do from there.
  8. rebuilds

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    syuhas, I did what kemo mentioned, drained the oil , then put fresh oil back into each shock.:coffee:
  9. Check this guy out

    General Harley Talk
    I remember taking apart and loading a antique brass bed onto my '96 Heritage Classic and delivering it to an Auction House in St. Louis many years ago. St. Louis Metro did stop me , but were only curious. Made the delevery. What guys do for women!!!!#[email protected]
  10. Hello from Liberty, Missouri

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome, if you have questions, post them.:coffee:
  11. Quick help please....Primary Fluid Change

    Harley-Davidson Dyna
    26 oz. should do the trick. More is not better.
  12. Fng

    My Story, the Beginning...
    hello to you any way. no matter what title you got.:sofa:
  13. Who rides there HD thro the winter

    General Harley Talk
    Ice will put a hold on my riding during the winter months. I always use the heated clothing. This is just me, not trying to tell anybody else what to do.
  14. Coming Outta the Weeds

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Wewlcome , have no fear, I am at age 57, You do not like the animal look??:eek::eek:
  15. Hello from Iowa

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome to the forum!! You got a nice ride. as for my self, I got another36 months with the RR, then who knows what will happen.
  16. New bike advice.

    My Story, the Beginning...
    xristos- can't give you any usefull advice, it all ready has been given to you in the previous posts. Take your time, it will work out for you.:sofa:
  17. New here

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome, get the tank that come with the bike, should'nt be a problem.
  18. My Story...

    My Story, the Beginning...
    welcome, and thank you for your service!! Post some more.:coffee:
  19. Hello fron Dayton Ohio

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome to the forum Lee. you can always tell us more about the '09 that you now have.
  20. FLSTFI 04 Fat Boy

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome to the forum, let us know more about your riding time on the Fatboy!!
1-20 of 234 Results