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  1. What year did you join or get drafted?

    Drafted in April, 1970 U.S. Army
  2. Kong system

    Police Motor Units
    Thanks for the reply Chart. After digging around I found the Retired Police Forum. I hadn't thought of just attaching it to the seat and not the frame. It's cheap enough that I'll give it a try. I was concerned about holding up on longer rides but it sounds like that's not a problem. As for the...
  3. Kong system

    Police Motor Units
    I have tried the search function using every combination I can think of and can't find what I need. I have an 03 FLHRCI that I have installed the police seat. The air bladder or the line has a slow leak that I cannot find. I read somewhere, I thought here, about replacing the air bladder with a...
  4. Hello from Georgia!

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome HogDoc, I'm a bit North of you near Lookout Mountain. Great choice of bikes you have. Mine is an 03 Road King Classic. I've ridden a lot through and around Atlanta. Keep the greasy side down. The traffic there can be lethal. Lots of great information and people on this forum. Give a...
  5. Police passenger pad by Mustang

    For Sale
    Mustang Police Pillion I am interested. Would like to see pictures. Sent you a P.M.
  6. Hitler - Harley Wannabe

    Humor & Jokes
    This clip has been around awhile but I've never seen this version. http://www.youtube.com/v/nUY-H3vWhzY%26hl
  7. Harley Police seat 99-08 Setup

    For Sale
    Payment sent. Thanks.
  8. Harley Police seat 99-08 Setup

    For Sale
    I am very interested in this seat. P.M. sent.
  9. best place to find stock pipes (takeoffs)?

    Harley-Davidson Dyna
    I have a pair of tapered take offs from an '02 FXDL that I believe will fit yours. Shoot me a P.M. I'm just northwest of you in Ga.
  10. Wide Glide Seat Removal and Replacement

    Seats and Saddles
    I have an '02 Low Rider but I assume they are close to the same. The seat is as you say. Remove the the fender screw and pull back. Mine is a tight fit at the front and takes a good bit of down pressure on the front when pushing in the tab at the front of the seat when reinstalling. On my back...
  11. Saddlebag Guard Rails on FHLRC

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Good luck with the rest of the installs. In my experience it seems there is always some kind of issue but I have learned something from each one. Do let me know if you find a solution for the guard rail.
  12. Has Anyone had this happen with PCIII USB

    EFI Maps and Calibrations
    First off let me say that Dynojet has been great through all of this. To answer your questions. When I received the replacement unit, I connected the 9 Volt adapter and the USB. All lights were normal and the software recognized and loaded the map you provided. After doing all that I mentioned...
  13. Has Anyone had this happen with PCIII USB

    EFI Maps and Calibrations
    I started a new thread as the situation has changed form my original post. 03 FLHRCI, Stage I ECM Flash, Fullsac True Duals, and B&E Superflow Mufflers. The original PCIII would not load maps. DynoJet graciously replaced the unit. The new unit loaded the map fine. Installed it on the bike and...
  14. Smoothie fr/rear laced wheels for touring

    For Sale
    This is probably a dumb question but can these laced wheels be run tubeless as opposed to the standard laced wheels?
  15. Mount Fatcat Ghost Pipe on'03 Road King-HELP!

    Before you go to the Harley Store you might check to see if anyone has it laying around in their spare parts. It's just two pieces of plate steel and some nuts, bolts and washers.
  16. Mount Fatcat Ghost Pipe on'03 Road King-HELP!

    This may be no help at all as I am not familiar with your prior set up or with the Ghost Pipe. I just changed my 03 RKC to true duals and there is a bracket under the seat that holds the clamp for the rear cylinder head pipe that runs to the left side. Sorry I can't offer more.
  17. Touring Power Commander

    For Sale
    I think there may be a problem with my private messages on the forum. I didn’t get a reply. I've sent a reply to your e-mail.
  18. Touring Power Commander

    For Sale
    I am interested. PM sent.
  19. Hot weather boots?

    Riders Gear: Clothing & Accessories
    Yep, a country far far away was where I got my first pair also. They do make decent riding boots also. They drain water and muck pretty well also. Keep your socks dry though. I brought back some pretty nasty boot rot from that country far far away. Welcome home brother.
  20. Hot weather boots?

    Riders Gear: Clothing & Accessories
    http://www.altama.com/Tp1/item_detail.aspx?ItemCode=8852 I've been wearing a pair of these since 1970. They can't be beat for hot weather riding.
1-20 of 270 Results