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  1. test

    Signature Testing
    testing 13456
  2. Has Your Harley Ever Left You Stranded?

    General Harley Talk
    My 08 Ultra left me stranded on I-80. Lost all power , bike went into limp mode had to be towed. First year of FBW throttle. This happened under Warranty.
  3. 2016 ultra limited idle

    Twin-Cam Engine
    I did put fuel additive , could it have been that simple? Also the day it first occurred I had been on road for 8 hours and I hit traffic . Maybe it was just overheating? I'll keep an eye on it.
  4. 2016 ultra limited idle

    Twin-Cam Engine
    I had the bike out all day today and I had no issues. I'm at a loss. I'll keep an eye on it.
  5. 2016 ultra limited idle

    Twin-Cam Engine
    Its only been hot out since It started(outside temp) acting up today I had it out and it started acting up right away. No codes. Not sure if I'll get a cool day anytime soon to compare. Once I take off from idle bike runs fine
  6. test

    Signature Testing
    test ......................
  7. 2016 ultra limited idle

    Twin-Cam Engine
    experiencing a slight knock or bike is acting like its in parade mode at idle when hot....but EITMS is disabled....Any suggestions? I've gone through 3 tanks of gas to make sure it wasn't bad gas. Changed Plugs. Will check fuel pressure shortly. what else should I check?
  8. Is Ellsbury that good?

    what a Horrible sign. And we're still paying him to do nothing.
  9. Corbin Seat Factory

    Riding Stories, Adventures and Travels
    wow that road was wicked....I would've taken it too.
  10. Hello from the great white north

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Welcome, I just got back from Nova Scotia,PEI and New Brunswick ,you have a beautiful country with nice people.
  11. NY EZ-Pass Non-sense

    General Harley Talk
    The Motorcycle EZpass has a giant M on the rear of it, i guess so you don't use it in your car.On many crossings Motorcycles pay less than cars pay...as far as mailing in the registration i don't ever recall having to do that-but i got mine like 15 years ago maybe the rules have changed.
  12. test

    Signature Testing
  13. Got some bad news today.

    Off Topic Discussion
    stay positive and stay strong-you will get through this.
  14. Fugly $20 bills

    Off Topic Discussion
    I'd rather see a commemorative bill with her and others on selected bills...but leave the originals alone.
  15. Why might my starter be kicking back occasionally?

    Twin-Cam Engine
    its definitely the compensator ...so now you'll need a starter clutch and a new compensator....i did it on my 08....
  16. Xmas movie poll

    Off Topic Discussion
    Miracle on 34st. Its a Wonderful life A Christmas Story
  17. Pre-97 vs Post-97

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    2002 is a good year...first year with delphi and last year with Timken ....2007 and 2008 stay away from...2009 new frame....and 2014 Project Rushmore.
  18. Thoughts on long distance riding

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Thanks but i have no desire what so ever to ride 1000 miles in a day.God Bless and be safe.
  19. Rider down

    General Harley Talk
    prayer sent
  20. Oil change intervals

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Amsoil once a year or 10,000 miles -whichever comes first....
1-20 of 480 Results