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  1. New Forum Member in Sandy Springs, GA

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Happened upon a deal I couldn't turn down this past spring - 2015 FLHXS. Been racking up the miles with the wife all summer. Can't believe I waited 6+ years to get back into riding. Love this bike! Worlds apart from my first Harley, a rigid frame chopper that we rode for 10+ years. Looking...
  2. SE heavy breather elite performance A/F rattle driving me nuts!

    Twin-Cam Engine
    Does anyone know if the shorter Milwaukee 8 SE heavy breather performance filter element (29400275) will clamp onto the twin cam filter pipe? I would really like to keep this setup, but the rattle is too much. You can see the end of the filter vibrating violently and the rattle stops when you...
1-2 of 2 Results