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  1. 2006 standard option?

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    For a detailed list, go to HD's website.
  2. Deja Vue Roll Call

    Off Topic Discussion
    I guess I qualify as one of the old timers.
  3. Instrument Lighting

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    They can be changed to just about any color you want. If your local parts store doesn't have them, they can order them for you.
  4. 2000 Harley-Davidson Electra Glide FLHT

    For Sale
    $12,750 AM/FM Cassette Radio Vance & Hines Slash Cut Exhaust (Stock Mufflers Included) 10 Inch Windshield (Stock Windshield Included) Chrome HD Windshield Trim Highway Pegs Screaming Eagle Air Cleaner with K&N Filter (Stock Air Cleaner Included) Mustang Solo Seat with Backrest and...
  5. Rollcall

    We were in Hong Kong at the same time in 1973. I was on the USS Beaufort (ATS-2). Got into a bar fight and either the local police or SP (can't remember which) asked which ship we were on. Of course were on the Edson! They told us to go back to our ship, so we did! Sure had some good times in...
  6. C.B. Radio Handlebar Mount - Which One Works Best?

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Several of the members of my SCRC use the Cobra WXST(?)38. It has PPT and headset connection. They have them on Ebay all the time. Search using "Cobra handheld CB".
  7. Cleaning FLHT engine

    Motorcycle Care Products
    Simple Green (diluted) works just as well and is alot cheaper than S100. Either one does a good job in the hard to reach areas like your engine fins, axles, tires, etc.
  8. CD Player for 100th Anniv FLHT

    For Sale
    Hey doc, Several folks over at the ElectraGlide Garage went with the Biketronics setup. Their radio will allow you to use your existing hand controls.
  9. how to clean and lubricate screamin' eagle air filter?

    Twin-Cam Engine
    I use warm water with dishsoap. Lay the filter in the sink/container and fill the water level up to the rim of the filter. Don't go over the rim or you will have bug guts on the inside of the filter. Spin the filter around a few times to clean out the bugs and remove to dry. Buy a can of K&N...
  10. San Antonio

    Off Topic Discussion
    Hey Wyo, I spent a week there a few years ago on business. Stayed right on the riverwalk. If you aren't staying there, be sure to see it. You'll also need to visit the Alamo while you're there. San Antonio is pretty cool place to visit. Stray
  11. WTB Trailer hitch for 04 Bagger

    For Sale
    There are usually a couple of them available on Ebay. One guy has some that he makes for about $100, or $124 if you go with Buy It Now. I've heard via the Electra Glide Garage from one member that they aren't bad. They aren't chrome, they're black.
  12. Cooling vests

    Riders Gear: Clothing & Accessories
    I've got a few of them that I've had stored in my garage for a couple of years. I've never tried them. Send me a check for $10 (to cover shipping) and I'll mail one to you. I believe I have large and extra-large. I'll have to check tonight after work. Shoot me a pm if interested. I sent one to...
  13. 2 week trip

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    "Also any suggestions for sights, good eats along the way is appreciated." When you get into Wichita, there's a little bar called Friends. They have great hamburgers and cold beer. If you go there, ask the barkeep if Irvin is there. Tell him someone from Georgia said that he'd buy you a beer...
  14. 95" SBC Build (Grenaded) Update

    Twin-Cam Engine
    There have been some very interesting reponses here. Knowing the rep that SBC has on this forum, I would have to be a bit sceptical about any negative comments that might come up, but since there really weren't none . . . no harm done. Knowing SBC's reputation, I would have asked him what he...
  15. Jireh out of Lepera Solo

    Seats and Saddles
    Try www.krooners.com and send them an email with the part number.
  16. Old Ammo

    The Gun Locker
    Thanks for all the replies. I've had the ammo in an old ammo can for years. Guess I'll hang on to it for a while longer. Except for the one I hit with the hammer! <g>
  17. Old Ammo

    The Gun Locker
    How long can you safely keep ammunition and how would you dispose of old ammo?
  18. Rider - Passenger communication.

    General Harley Talk
    I bought the HJC-50 a few years ago for Key West ride. It was fine, but we had to use it with 3/4 helmets. Other than that, the device was fine. Haven't used it since though. Having said that, I'd suggest you go with something cheap and see if you will even use it enough to get your money's...
  19. Anybody recall who....

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    HD hasn't changed vendors. As far as I know, Radio Sound is still the company.
  20. Green

    General Harley Talk
    Only those of us who are on the payroll are green. ;)
1-20 of 454 Results