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  1. Need June 2008 Contenders....

    Ride of the Month
    Thats too funny! I was going to ask the same question, but now I see it and actually, you can see it in your picture too! Great lookin ride and great pic's! Sculpin
  2. May 2008 ROTM

    Ride of the Month
    It was really tough for me not to vote for the guy who slammed the "Busa" at the anniversary. Brother, that means a lot to most of us and you deserve cudo's. You also deserve drinks on me, if we ever meet. But after thinking about it more, I had to go with the pan. Gotta vote for the ride I like...
  3. April 2008 ROTM

    Ride of the Month
    I have to agree with Dalton. Just looking at the photo dosn't do it justice. The videos revealed much more. That is one Bad to the Bone mutha! However, I just can't seem to pull myself away from that black Zodak bagger! I will reserve my vote until I can see the picture for GPO03Fatboy though...
  4. try hummer and banana

    The VTF Classics
    Quite entertaining...but we REALLY need the weather to break! Cyber chicks are cool for about a minute but the warm bodied variety are so much more practicle! Sculpin
  5. Hello All

    My Story, the Beginning...
    Hello all I joined a while back, but never really visited this forum much. I thought I'd introduce myself. I am from Southern Maryland, near Washington DC and Northern Virginia. I ride these areas and periodically ride in Delaware, PA and West VA. I have been known to venture as far south as...
1-5 of 5 Results