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  1. 1999 Electra-Glide Ultra Classic

    General Harley Talk
    Not looking for pricing. Looking for information on overseas bikes. Are there differences? Seem to remember discussions about this years ago. Thanks just the same.
  2. 1999 Electra-Glide Ultra Classic

    General Harley Talk
    I think that's what it is anyway. Got a chance to by one, low mileage, been in a garage unridden for a number of years. I was told it was purchased in Dubai then shipped back stateside. Weren't those bikes made for the overseas markets and what differences are there? I tried unsuccessfully to...
  3. Remembering the old days

    Off Topic Discussion
    I remember when James went by the name Smokey! :Dennis
  4. Is Lady Godiva still on this forum

    General Harley Talk
    Hi Lady G! :Dennis
  5. Rattlesnake Grade ...

    General Harley Talk
    Nice, second and third pics are familiar to me. Someday I might make the rest of that trip.
  6. Sucks to get old

    General Harley Talk
    Enjoy your time on this rock, you're going to be dead a long time!
  7. Looking for a good campgrounds in the Black Hills area

    Off Topic Discussion
    I didn't realize the name was Palmer Gulch! I agree with you about the cabins. I've stayed in one of them.
  8. Looking for a good campgrounds in the Black Hills area

    Off Topic Discussion
    Mt Rushmore KOA is a nice place. You wont be disappointed.
  9. Harley drain plug O-rings

    General Harley Talk
    Tight is tight. Too tight is broke! :Dennis
  10. Gainesville, FL to Nova Scotia 2014

    General Harley Talk
    Beware of unmarked Maine State Troopers on 9 to Calais!
  11. Trip meter issue?

    Electrical, Wiring and Lighting
    I've searched with no luck, figured I'd throw this out and see if I can get a bite. During a recent high-mileage trip I stopped for gas. I use my trip meter faithfully and reset before refueling. When I turned on the ignition my odometer read D01CLr and subsequently thru 10, the PPU and XXXXX...
  12. Old man's early morning ride

    General Harley Talk
    Been away from here for a little bit, but it was nice to come back and this was the first thread I perused. Nice opening post, thank you.
  13. Sure glad bees only sting once

    General Harley Talk
    Reminds me of an old golf joke: Stung between the first and second hole! :Dennis
  14. failed

    General Harley Talk
    You're farq'd now!
  15. Bug on a plane

    Off Topic Discussion
    What's a BMF? I was an AME (Enviornmental) on F-14's back in the mid-70's.
  16. Garage or shed wall

    Off Topic Discussion
    How's that Witness Protection Program now mister!
  17. Bug on a plane

    Off Topic Discussion
    I hope it was ours!
  18. I've been here for 5 years

    Off Topic Discussion
    Holy smoke, there's a name from the past! Hey Gilesie, how you be?
  19. Deuce rear tire (180)?

    Wheels, Tires, Brakes and Suspension
    Looking for a deal on a Dunlop GT 502 180/60 B17. Every Google search comes up for an 18" tire. I've had good luck with this fitment with no spacing or modifying required. This tire seems may become obsolete so I need a good replacement. Any thoughts?
  20. Auto logoff site question

    Community Help
    When you log in there is a box under your password that if checked will always keep you logged in! :Dennis
1-20 of 486 Results