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  1. So Long Captain America

    General Harley Talk
    Too bad his commie-c*c*s*c*e* sister Hanoi-Jane isn't joining him!
  2. Clutch rod walking

    Harley-Davidson FL/FX
    Adjustment barrel on cable not secure? Balls/ramp were not correctly positioned when ya first installed new pack and adjusted rod/pressure plate screw? Screw/locknut not tight?
  3. Went to DMV Today.....

    Off Topic Discussion
    My first photo D/L , I had a ponytail. Now the half of my hair I still have is 1/4in long!
  4. Man Cup - All Rounds of Top Fuel

    Drag Racing Discussion
    Watching NHRA from Washington. Odd , TF Harleys , but no Pro Stock bikes. So far the TF class has been a comedy of errors.
  5. Oil leak after cam chanfe

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    Take it back and explain it didn't leak before and does now. Ya gamble when you supply a mechanic with parts you bought elsewhere. I will not use anything but genuine HD , James or Cometic gaskets. I've had people try to supply their own no-name parts or gasket kits that they got cheap...
  6. Best belt (rear)?

    Transmission and Primary
    Well , I guess the rear belt drive is here to stay. Even getting narrower , from the original 1 1/2in wide to what seems to be the standard of today , 1in wide! I've always used genuine HD/Gates belts because the local dealer always has them in stock. But there, a few more and a few less belt...
  7. Got to Use an Independent Repair Shop

    General Harley Talk
    I've heard from several sources the holy edict from Mount Milwaukee is that officially authorized HD dealerships shall not worketh on non-current models. I know that most will not touch an Evo or TC with Magneti-Marelli fuel injection.
  8. Bad oil filter now has a whine

    Evolution Engine
    Yep :duh2: my mistake. The first year ('99) Twin Cams had issues too. Not aware of issues specific to '99 Evos. Other than cam bearing. Thought they had all the bugs gone by then.
  9. Winona HD closed

    General Harley Talk
    Indian dealers are closing up around here too.
  10. Towing trailers voids Harley warranty

    Sidecars and Trailer Towing
    Trailer , sidecar , both? Trike with trailer? Just take the SUV! ^rolleyez^
  11. Why are so many homeless when the economy is so strong?

    Religion & Politics
    I don't believe in addiction. Addiction is not an epidemic , it's a lifestyle CHOICE! The person chooses to take drugs , drink , etc , and then blame their laziness the substance's effects. Lock them in a 5x9 cell , feed them bread , water and vitamin suppliments for 90 days. Strict regime...
  12. Hot ain't it?

    Off Topic Discussion
    :( Bright sun , temp and humidity hovering around the high-80's to mid-90's. Freshly blacktopped or heavily pot-holed roads and slow suburban traffic make riding around here rather unpleasant.
  13. '97 MM injection stuff

    For Sale
    Tired of movin g this stuff around! Everything I took off my '97 FLHPi. Wiring harness has had some connectors culled. Most relays , sensors , etc still there. Throttle body has red stage 2 injectors and ECM has stage 2 download. All stock injector/TB parts included. Stage 2 air-cleaner...
  14. Could use some number help on a pan-shovel

    Pre-Evolution Engines
    No , they don't! Shovel heads do not fit Pan cylinders. Pan heads do not fit Shovel cylinders. Gaskets are not interchangeable. Only 4 of the 5 holes are the same. Shown here is a set of STD Panheads , which use a Shovel-style intact tract. These heads can be used on Pan or Shovel...
  15. 72 shovelhead with dual heads get hot

    Pre-Evolution Engines
    Harley sells straight 50 and 60wt. At one time , they even sold a 70wt, mainly for iron-head Sportys and Knucks. Yep , for the motors. Amsoil has a 50wt. Harley even recommends 50wt for Evo's in hot weather.
  16. Stock 2001 flhrci road king brake lines replacement

    Harley-Davidson Touring
    I've seen the 1pc assembled braided line sets break at the junction block. Like Terry said , Russell (and Goodridge) offer a wide variety of fittings and line lengths with AN-3 ends. You can build to your needs. You can also replace 1 line or fitting if something happens. You get a much...
  17. Any Morris Magneto Guru's Out There ?

    Choppers and Customs
    Ya can't succeed without first trying. Gap those NGK's at .025-.026 and see what happens. The basic Fairbanks-Morse magneto has been used to fire millions of aircraft engine cylinders. If ya have a small airport nearby , ya might stop by and ask around some mechanics what plugs they use..
  18. Any Morris Magneto Guru's Out There ?

    Choppers and Customs
    I'm sure you guys know ya NEVER use suppression core wires with a mag. :nono:
  19. Causes of Hard-To-Find Neutral

    Transmission and Primary
    THIS! I've experimented with several different primary fluids and Dex III seems to cause the least drag or 'stiction' (static friction). 2yrs or so ago , I replaced the clutch in my '97 FLHPi when the 'doubler plate' came apart and replaced the whole clutch assembly with a stock later model...
  20. Any Morris Magneto Guru's Out There ?

    Choppers and Customs
    So , with plugs out and held to head , are you getting a spark when kicking it over? When I went from 86" with 8:1 to big bore (3 5/8") S&S Hot Set-Up with 10:1 , I too had a hell of a time starting mine. And I'm 6ft , 275lb. I retired the Morris Mag went to a Motor Factory electronic...
1-20 of 193 Results