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  • journeymanjohn ·
    Hello, someone on facebook posted in an FXR group about having trouble accessing their account. Something about the link here not working correctly.

    I replied I was a member here, and that I would help however I could.

    He then PM his info to me, to forward to the admins here, and hopes they will contact him about resetting his password:

    Real Name= Joel Souther

    User Name = Bootlegger56

    Email = [email protected]

    motorcycledude ·
    jim wilkins here,aka motorcycledude,because all the other good names were taken,i cant find the post we had discussing my problem,,, cause im still new at this. did you say i needed the module in order to make the 3 wire sensor work. i would like to use everything that i got with the engine cause i heard and seen it run on ebay before i bought it .thanks again.i hope i can find your reply, headed to cave.thanks
    Stevebeard16 ·
    Thermodynamics I’ve looked at several threads and have tried to piece my question together but I think you may be able to answer it in one shot and I’d appreciate it. I have an 85 FXR I want to put an FL trans in it with the updated style clutch actuator, starter and built in oil pan and speedo at the trans. My question is what years should I look for and did any use the tapered shaft or would I have to swap my tapered share tranny internals?
    Sparky59 ·
    It's a 2017 and still under warranty. I guess I will need to call Harley. One service guy told me to change pipes and it all goes away and another guy says it's a mapping issue that Harley has to figure out. Don't know who to believe?
    Numb Knuckles ·
    Hello Thermodyne,
    I just joined the forum here. I have a 99 FXR3 and am doing a mild engine upgrade. Mind if I ask you a couple questions about it, or is it better to post them openly on the forum? I'm not so good at search/navigating the forum and I don't want to annoy everyone with my ignorance and questions that are probably already thoroughly addressed.
    Thanks, Gary
    ILYA ·
    why the **** would you close my thread? just because none of the dipshits on this site know the answer or can help with troubleshooting? and nobody was sharing copyrighted software, the image posted was found already online AND approved by a moderator for a post... it may actually help someone rather than sucker them out of another 20 bucks... I suggest that you reopen that thread so that troubleshooting can continue or else I just post another one
    DR_DEUCE ·
    MR. THERMODYNE>> you appear to be the guru here, thanks for all the info you provide to us. I have a question on a clutch adjustment on an 09 ultra. My other bikes (3) have about 1 or 2 inches of "friction zone", and the ultra has about 3 1/2". Clutch pack is adjusted properly. Is the "ball and ramp" a bit different on the 09. What I noticed when riding is the clutch would start to engage with the end of the lever about 1" from the bar: what surprised me was that it disengages when you pull it in about 3/4 of an inch..My other bikes 2000,2002,1994, all have friction zones which are much less...can you provide some info pls. I decided to send this to you, cause you always have the right info!! Thanks, Tom
    MyRide ·
    Hey Thermodyne looking to get some work done on my 2014 street glide special over the winter and I respect your opinion. here's what I am suggested. I go with revolutions 107 performance kit, woods, andrews or screaming eagles cams not sure which ones (it's above my pay scale) but want good torque and horsepower north of 100 but will be streetable and very reliable I ride two up, fueling lifters or johnson which ones do you prefer, and I prefer the perfect fit pushrods over the ajustables one. also installing H-D large capacity oil pan . I have already installed V&H power duals, black out rounds, Vo2 air cleaner and the fp3 ecm. I am happy with the headers mufflers and air cleaner but it looks like i will need to replace the ecm unit. Thanks in advance and ride safe
    PanHeadRich ·
    Dude, you rock! You're definitely one of (if not the most) helpful & knowledgeably people on this forum. And you're quick to do so with a great attitude and demeanor as well. Just wanted to let you know that I, and I'm certain countless others, highly appreciate your many contributions. They're priceless man!

    Thanks Thermodyne,

    tall terry ·
    Therm, I would like to enter my bike, but I have an issue that may be able to be solved by someone more computer literate than me. My bike is in pieces and won't be back together anytime soon. It the 82 FXRS, that is in the for sale section, for an insane amount of cash. Any way to put that pic up, and let me fill in the details? Normally i dont ask for help, but i lost all thr pics with a virus, my wife didnt back up the files, lol If not, thanks for your time. Terry
    HugoBetz ·
    I happened to see a post about the 5th gear whine on a 07 ultra classic. You suggested a revised 5th gear replacement. I can't find any info on this replacement gear. I have this problem on my 07 ultra. Can you tell me more about this fix?
    4gtwrk ·
    I must have some settings wrong on my side. All I can see is your original post to the thread. Thanks for the reply.
    FXRS84 ·
    the other day, when I asked bout The Oil Fix . You noted that there is occasional fitment problems. Could you tell me what I might encounter, and what would need to be done if any of those problems show up. I like the Oil Fix, but dont want any problems I cant handle. The shop that did the machine work said that once the bottom of the cylinder is decked, the metal james gasket with the beads on it should be all thats needed. Mine is an 84 also. still waiting on some time sertsan few other things.
    Thanks FXRS84 aka Neil
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