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  • Road King Cole ·
    fyi, I generally agree with all your posts and enjoy them. And thanks for "defending" my mobil 1 isn't fully synthentic blunder.
    brent50 ·
    Brent50 here, I appreciate the calm and reason you typed in about the salvage title question. Friday 12-17, drove 400 miles to Houston to pick up a clean title 2007 Ultra w/17k for 12.5!!! Was a great deal to me, not looking back. Again thanks, Brent
    dhornick ·
    Reference your post to the guy with the Street glide logo on his front fender.... I too wanted one and when I contacted the original guy that made them on ebay he has told me that HD had threatened legal action of he didnt stop selling them on ebay. I then asked for his email address and in private emails asked him if he had anymore and he did. I bought a couple pair and now have them on my Glide too.
    Tequila SG ·
    Hi black 05.
    My apologies, I went back and read you OP and I entirely missed your last sentence, I agree to many cry babies in regards to the price of a new bike, sometimes I think they just want to rant to get **** going.
    As far as the salaries I've been retired from LE for six years, the info I posted I got while training with some guys from NYPD about 10 years ago, I forget how time flies and is been 6 years out of uniform, one thing I can tell you NYPD earns their money, same as the NYFD tough city, and expensive to live there too.
    Ride safe.
    black05flhrci ·

    The top base salary for a NYPD cop is $76,488 without benefits. Thing is, if you make an arrest after your meal, you are getting overtime. Being forced to work on holidays and various events like parades and protests pretty much guarantees overtime. If you are a NYPD cop and you do not make AT LEAST $15k in overtime EVERY year, something is really wrong. You should check out Corrections Officers. Never met one that makes less than $100k a year due to FORCED overtime.

    As for the pointing to just Harley is a 2 reason answer. 1: This is a Harley forum. 2: People here are always bitching about the high price of a Harley. I do not agree. My op was an effort to point out that they are more affordable now than back in 1970. I absolutely agree with you about the new bikes being FAR superior.
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